About the game

Vital Stats

  • 2-4 Players
  • Age: 12+
  • 30 Min. – 2 Hours


As an author of a popular survival book, I wanted to get people interested in survival in a fun and challenging way. As a long-time fan of board games, I thought that designing a game about a real disaster scenario (in other words, no zombies) would be just the ticket. We got together with other gamers and went to work.

We chose a pandemic, a catastrophe that would wipe out the majority of the population without leaving the entire world a charred ruin. The few survivors (including you) would have to do what real people would have to do if they wanted to survive:

  • 1) Accumulate needed resources: food, fuel, and weapons
  • 2) Find medical supplies (because people get sick/injured in real disaster scenarios)

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How to Play!

This Video takes you through the setup and basic gameplay of Doom and Bloom™’s Survivall!