About The Game

Doom and Bloom SURVIVAL! Boxtop Art

The near future: the global superflu has arrived. You and a few other “lucky” survivors are all that’s left in center city. All around are groups of raiders that claim large swaths of land as their territory.  There are resources left by those who did not survive, but you’ll have to overcome challenges to add them to your supplies.  You were prepared and have a few resources to start with: food, fuel, and weapons. Your goal is to expand upon them, find medical supplies, and collect enough survivors to help you establish a settlement.  If you can get to your final location with everything you need before anyone else, you win the game!

Doom and Bloom™’s Survival! Is a board game for 2-4 players. It takes place in a post-pandemic world where there are few survivors, one of which is you. Your mission is to have your character accumulate supplies like food, fuel, weapons, and medical kits, as well as scout locations that may serve as a haven in which to start over.

You start off in once-peaceful center city, now controlled by raiders out to get what you have. There are plenty of resources out there, but you have to get to them and survive various encounters and attacks to reach towns that have potential as safe havens. You’ll have to plan your route to include spots that have the assets you’ll need to stockpile.  Some of these spots are controlled by raiders, and you’ll have to survive attacks to gain the items you need.

Once you’ve scouted locations, you’ll have to return to center city for your family and more supplies.  You then pick a location as your final destination. If you can get there with the required supplies and survivors, you win the game!

For a complete review of the rules of the game, simply click the “rulebook” toolbar on the top of the main page of the website.

How to Play!

This Video takes you through the setup and basic gameplay of Doom and Bloom™’s Survivall!