Ok, first, the big question: Why no zombies?

We set out to provide a realistic survival scenario, and despite numerous TV shows and movies, zombies just don’t exist. Pandemics do. The pandemic of 1918 wiped out tens of millions around the world, and that was before commercial air travel. There’s just no Z in the word “realistic”. We wanted to show that we could put together a fun and challenging game that is based on an event that could actually happen.

This is your first game. Why did you think you could design something that gamers could enjoy?

This may be our first offering in the gaming arena, but we are long-time gamers and brought in many like-minded folks to game-test. And game-test. And game-test. We looked at game dynamics and tweaked it continually during the game’s development.

What is Doom and Bloom™, LLC?

Doom and Bloom™, LLC, is our company. It is, also, your assurance that our game will be high-quality and reliably shipped. Why? Because we have a number of different product lines in the field of survival, and we take our excellent reputation in our field VERY seriously. We also have other games in development, and we will go the extra mile to make sure that Doom and Bloom™’s Survival! is everything we say it is.


Q. Can I play this game solo? A. Although the game is meant for 2-4 players, we are playtesting a solo player option, as well as an option for people to play with up to 6 players.

Q.Can I land on a space that another player is on?
A. Yes.

Q. I roll a 2 at the beginning of my turn, but I prefer to stay where I am to get more of the same resource as last turn. Is this OK?
A. Yes, except when you are at a hospital or town hex, or on Center City. If you want to stay where you are, you may choose to simply announce it and not roll the dice.

Q. When can I play bonus cards?
A. At any time, unless otherwise specified on the card.

Q. Can I play more than one bonus card per turn?
A. You can play as many bonus cards as you wish on any one turn.

Q. I receive bonus cards when I reach 5, 7, 9, and 11 survivors, plus a food, fuel, or weapon (my choice). If I am playing a team game, we start off with 5 survivors. Does that mean we get 2 bonus cards and 2 food, fuel, or weapons at the beginning of the game?
A. Yes.

Q. When do bonus cards stating “next turn” take effect?
A. Once a turn has begun with the rolling of the movement dice, it is considered the “current” turn and “next turn” effects do not trigger (until the next turn).

Q. My bonus card states that I may double the resources won after a successful event or attack. Does that double all resources won that turn?
A. No. For example, if your hex icon gives you 1 food resource and the benefit of a successful encounter gives you 2 more food resources, your bonus card doesn’t give you a total of 6 food resources. You will only double the 2 food resources won by being successful at the event for a total of 4. Resources do not include survivors, medical kits, or bonus cards.

Q. When can I use the bonus card that changes another player’s destination?
A. Any time that player is not currently on a town hex and has not yet rolled their movement die. Also, you cannot change a destination that has already been successfully scouted by that player..

Q. I announce that I am playing a bonus card or will use resources (for example, use 1 fuel to move an additional 3 spaces) to receive their benefits on a roll, but change my mind. Is this OK?
A. Only if you have not yet revealed the bonus card or completed adjusting the resources on your scorecard.

Q. I am confronted with a challenge that, if I use resources to gain an edge, only gives me the same rewards as the resources I expended. Why should I do this?
A. If it is an attack, there are penalties for failure, so it would make sense to use the resources in that case. If it is an event challenge, you will not suffer a penalty for failure, so it would only make sense if you want to re-adjust the resources. For example, you use 2 food to win an event challenge to get 2 weapons because you have plenty of food but few weapons.

Q. I am moving towards my destination but am near a town that I am not required to scout. Can I go there to obtain the rewards (a bonus card, survivor, and a resource of my choice) anyway?
A. Yes, but only once unless it is chosen as the final destination.

Q. Can I return to the same hospital hex to get more medical kits during the game?
A. Only if you have scouted a different hospital hex before returning to the original one.

Q. Can I land on my final destination if I don’t have all the required assets necessary to win the game?
A. No.

Q. Is it better to rush to your locations or to collect resources in Survival!?
A. You have to do both, but you will find yourself low on resources if your only goal is to get to your locations in the quickest time possible. Remember, everyone else also has to accumulate the needed resources, medical kits, and survivors to win the game. You do, however, get bonus cards, resources, and survivors when you successfully scout a location.

How to Play!

This Video takes you through the setup and basic gameplay of Doom and Bloom™’s Survivall!